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FREE MP3 Recording Audio Downloads from the 2016 & 2017 ADHD Women's Palooza of Combat Negativity and Thrive with ADHD (2017) and The Importance of Effective Self-Care for Women with ADHD (2016) featuring Tara McGillicuddy. The ADHD Women's Palooza is a virtual event produced by Linda Roggli.

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Thanks to people like hosts of the ADHD Women's Palooza and each and every one of the guest speakers (especially Tara McGillicuddy) I am just now being able to live a better life.

Tara McGillicuddy

Tara McGillicuddy, SCAC is an internationally recognized Adult ADD / ADHD Expert. Since 1997 Tara has been providing virtual support and Education to people affected by ADD / ADHD. Tara has a passion for helping people affected by ADD/ ADHD lead happy and productive lives. Through the use of online technology Tara has spent the last 2 decades connecting people affected by ADD /ADHD with Education and Support resources.

Tara is the founder and director of the leading resource for virtual ADD / ADHD Support and Education. She is also the host of ADHD Support Talk Radio a top ADHD podcast on iTunes and top Self-help show on Blog Talk Radio. In addition to her online ADD /ADHD resources Tara also provides ADHD Coaching to Adults with ADD /ADHD.